5 Rules For Disinfecting Mobile Phones

5 Rules For Disinfecting Mobile Phones

The smartphone in your hand contains 3 times more germs than the germs in your home's toilet seat. That's what researchers say. Various diseases can be caused by this germ. And now the whole world is in a panic of coronavirus. That's why everyone thinks cleanliness is the best way to stay safe.

Apple recently released instructions on keeping the iPhone clean. Google has also told their Pixel users to clean the phone. Samsung didn't provide any guidance though; However, since the outside of each phone is made of almost the same material, the instructions given by Apple and Google can be applied to Samsung's phones.

Whatever it takes-

1. Two soft smooth fabrics

Use a soft cloth to wipe the phone. Carton or uneven cloth can damage the screen of a phone made of glass.

2. Alkaline soap

Oleophobic coating is used on the phone screen or protector. This cover is very touching. It does not contain alkali and heavy chemical soap or solids in any way. Apple advises their iPhone users to be careful.

3. Water

Water is needed to match the soap.

4. Toothpick or cottonbud

For cleaning SIM card holder or holder.

Clean up Process

1. First of all you need to know how waterproof your phone is. Understand that and decide how much water will be safe to use to clean the phone. Best of all, use a wet towel to be careful not to use direct water. Listed below is how waterproof a phone is.

* Also good in splash water (IP 53 rating): Pixels

* Up to 5 minute good in one meter of water (IP 67 rating): iPhone 7, 7 Plus,8, 8 Plus, X, XR; Pixel 2

* One and a half meters of water is good for up to 5 minutes (IP 68 rating): iPhone X, XS, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max,Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +, S10,S10 +, Note 8, Note 10, Note 10 +; Pixels 3, 4.

2. If any cable is fitted with the phone, unplug it. Turn off the phone. Be careful not to hurt anyone on the phone and you.

3. Mix the water with a mild alkaline soap. Consider the ratio of soap and water to your own.

4. Soak one piece of soft smooth cloth with soap-water mixture. Then drain the excess water from the cloth well.

5. Wipe the bottom, bottom and sides of the phone with a damp cloth. Do not dip the phone directly in soap and water mixture, no matter how waterproof your phone is.

6. Now cover the phone with a piece of dry soft cloth.

7. Unplug the SIM from the SIM card holder. They can also be cleaned. However, this is not mandatory.

8. Dip the cottonbud in the soap-water mixture. Drain extra water by pressing with a finger.

9. Carefully wipe the SIM card insert tray and place with a wet cotton cloth. If needed, you can remove the dirt from the SIM card inserted with a toothpick.

10. Remove the tray to insert the SIM card with dry cloth. Then set everything back in place and turn the phone on.

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