Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

No one in this age can be found who has access to digital media but has never seen a movie with artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) where humanity is challenged by robots.
From "2001: A Space Odyssey" to the movie "HAL" or "Ex-Machina" to the movie "AVA" all the robots have seen human emotions such as happiness, sadness, tears of tears.

So in the near future, is the same thing going to happen where the kingdom of intelligent robots will be?
But Ian LeCun, director of Facebook's artificial intelligence research team, says human-like emotions of future robots are a big misconception. Let's find out more about this.

Myth 1- There will be a sophisticated robot feeling.

In the present world, robots are being built on the idea of   Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) that can perform only certain tasks such as geometry solves, stock market calculations, etc. According to Ian Lacun, "AIs will be specialized and emotionless." 
That is, the artificial intelligence will not be as dangerous as we see in the movie.

Myth 2- Robots will make sense of themselves!

Robots will only make sense when they are programmed. They will not have the ability to do anything other than list the specific tasks.Like feelings of anger or ove, etc.Will never be programmed because it will hinder the work.

Myth 3- The robot will feel human-like.

According to Ian Lacun, the program of robots is directed at displaying human emotions, but it will never be as real as human emotions.They will never have a destructive feeling unless we program it. 
"I don't think anyone will do that." - said Mr Lacun.

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