How to increase brain memory power

How to increase brain memory power

Lack of brain memory in a person's daily life is like a manihara pani.  Because, memory is a great deal of people.  Without this energy, man is like a material being.  As age increases, the tendency for memory loss is more pronounced.  However, this effect has also been observed in young people at present.

Some say, 'I read so much but do not remember', and many say, 'My intellect is less so than not good'  But the reason for this is low memory capacity.  This is a really big problem.  And we always try to solve this problem.  It is unusual for an old person to lose his memory, as it is at an early age.  Now the question is, what is the way to get rid of it?  Yes, there are many ways.  But look at the results of scientific research that will help you to improve your memory.

Exercise daily

As we all know, the hippocampus in the brain works to preserve brain memory.  According to scientists, exercise opens up the brain's memory as well as new cells are born in the brain.  Exercising helps to stimulate the hippocampus and help maintain memory.  Repeated cardiovascular exercise provides oxygen and glucose to the brain, which helps to improve performance.  If you want to increase your memory, exercise regularly in the morning or evening.


Meditation is another way to increase your memory.  As a result, our thoughts and stresses are greatly reduced.  And, doing this meditation increases the focus on anything and enhances Brain's performance.  As a result, one does not have to remember or remember anything.

Every morning, wake up in the morning and meditate at least 5 minutes before going to bed at night.  Close your eyes and try to calm your mind by taking a deep breath.  Within a week you can get the benefits.

Eat the right foods

Eating the right foods is crucial to boost brain function.  Because only 20 percent of what we eat in the daytime, sugar and energy enters our brain.  Therefore, the proper circulation of the brain depends on the glucose levels.  This problem is caused by a shortage of problems.  Therefore, regular and healthy diet is essential to enhance the functioning of the brain.  As -

Bananas - Bananas contain plenty of magnesium and vitamin B, which helps in nerve impulse transmission and helps keep the brain cool.

Fish heads and oils - As the proverb says, fish and fish heads are brain foods, quite right.  Because fish oil builds up the brain cells and reduces brain inflammation and protects the brain.  In addition, omega-1 is found in fish oil, which is beneficial for the brain.

Collage - Iron and vitamin B in the body of meat, which is useful for the brain.

Also, different vegetables, bedding vegetables, different fruits, sea fish, nuts, oil seeds, beans etc. are useful for the brain.

Learn something new

Get out of this secluded world and try something new or learn.  Challenge the brain by doing new things.  That way the brain's energy will increase.  For example, learn to draw, try to sing, play a part or learn a foreign language. It will increase memory.

Play Brain Games at Leisure

Exit smart games on smart phones and play brain games.  Even if it doesn't feel good, it helps to increase memory.  Play chess to sustain brain performance.  Solve crosswords on paper or mobile.  One study suggests that such games protect against brain disease 'dementia'.

Enough sleep

Sleep is very effective in increasing memory.  Get up early in the night and wake up early in the morning.  Because sleep helps maintain brain function and stability.  Try to sleep between 5am and 5pm.  According to the rules, sleep for 4 hours.

Reduce stress

Mental stress is one of the major causes of memory loss.  Just as it wastes temporary memory, too much stress destroys long-term memory.  So, try to stay away from it.  Read books, listen to music, or do something you love to keep your mind off of it.  If you are feeling more stressed before going to sleep or close your eyes, take a deep breath.  In this, blood circulation is normal in the brain and keeps the brain active.


1) Do any calculations without a calculator.
2) Keep yourself socially involved. 

 3) Try to spend time with your family during work.

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