How To Stop Smoking

How To Stop Smoking

Like other habits, smoking is a habit. This habit causes severe harm both physically and mentally when people become addicted. That is why this practice should be abandoned. But those who are addicted to smoking can not quit this habit too easily. The reason for this is that some of the first few things you have to face when you quit smoking. This is why it becomes difficult for them to quit smoking.

Lets know a way to quit smoking.

Why smoking  is a big addiction and why to quit?

You can easily quit smoking if you know when smoking leads to addiction. Tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine that causes this intoxication. A kind of hormone is released into the body to keep the body fresh. If someone smokes, the hormone slowly stops. Smoking causes this nicotine hormone to work. As a result, if you stop smoking, you will feel uncomfortable and feel weak. Because that hormone from the body stopped because of smoking. There is no reason to fear that within a few days of stopping smoking, the hormone will begin to emit again.

How to quit smoking?

When you become addicted to smoking, it is a bit difficult to quit. Let's know some simple ways to quit smoking.

1. Don't quit smoking suddenly, 95% of people quit smoking suddenly. Thus, very few people succeed. The rest of the people were frustrated and started smoking again. So take some time, prepare mentally, seek the help of others and then try to leave slowly.

Make a reason to quit smoking?

Determine why you quit smoking. If you think that you will give up only because of bad habits, then it becomes prone to resume. First of all, you are bound to be determined. Prepare yourself mentally. You can consult a doctor if necessary.

2. As prescribed by the doctor, you can take nicotine in other ways instead of tobacco.

3. You can quit smoking by exercising regularly as regular exercise reduces the demand for smoking.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Focus on other foods to cover the needs of nicotine.

5. Keep yourself clean. Try to keep yourself away from the smell of tobacco. Because cigarette smoke can actually trigger your desire to smoke.

6. Things to keep in mind:
• Stay away from anything that increases your desire to smoke.
• The first few days will be a little hard for you so you will not be disappointed. Keep your mind strong.
• We know that a lot can be done through willpower so do not wish to smoke.
• Stop associating with smokers. Because you may want to have smoke by seeing them smoking.
• If you have a lot of trouble in the beginning you can take a cigarette but it should not turn regular.
• There may be some early reactions, such as

- Hands and feet can bend,

- Can cause headaches,

- Abdominal problems can occur,

- It can be cold,

- Might be extreme anger ,

- Can't get enough sleep,

- May lack attention,

-Might cause anxiety

- Depression and discomfort can occur,

Do not fear, because these things are not fatal, it is possible to eradicate these reactions only by employing willpower.

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