Mobile phone addiction is harmful for Health

Mobile phone addiction is harmful for Health 

Can't imagine a moment without a mobile phone.  Until you wake up and sleep at night, everyone has at least one mobile phone.  The vision of the mobile phone screen is stuck from small to large.

When all your thoughts are waking up all over the mobile phone, you are physically, mentally, financially, or in various ways, affected.

Experts say that mobile phone addiction is harming you -

1.  Depression is the result of getting addicted to extra mobile phones.  The prospect of getting different notifications, text or calls from someone is the root cause of depression.

2.  When people are looking at mobiles on the way, they fall a bit behind their desired destination.

3.  The biggest problem is the health risks.  Addicts on mobile phones consume more than they need.  Due to the focus on food mobiles, more food is consumed than needed.  Which increases its weight and raises other health risks.

4.  Mobile phone numbers are taking away people's sleep.  The Internet is ready to sleep in bed, but the Internet is obstructed.  This is why people addicted to excess mobiles suffer from insomnia.

5.  When a person goes to work and uses mobile, the man can never focus on his important work.  As a result, he is unable to complete his work at the right time.

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