Right Ways of Yoga

There is no alternative to yoga or yoga to stay healthy.Regular yoga practice will help you to succeed by building healthy and vigorous physical and mental abilities.  It is also important to practice yoga in the right way.

Before starting yoga, know the essential rules.

Yoga exercises can be practiced from the age of 7 to the age of the child.Only select a few seats as per requirement.Not all seats can be made at all ages.It is not advisable for young people to make more than two seats.Pranayama and currency should not be practiced before the boys are in the age group of 5 to 6 years and the girls are not in season.

Yoga can be practiced in the morning and evening.However, it should not be a full stomach.Seating can be done half an hour after eating a few, but it is advisable to practice pranayama or coin on an empty stomach.  It's best to sit down after breakfast.For those who have insomnia, good results can be obtained by taking a few minutes before going to bed after dinner.In addition, after consuming the mass, some digestion can be facilitated by digestion or digestion.

It is advisable to do or remain as long as one can easily do or remain in a posture or posture in a posture, posture or posture.  But in any case, it should not be more than one minute at a time without certain seats.  Padmasana, meditation, Siddhasana and Bajrasana can be taken at any time.

 It is not advisable to practice more than 1/3 seats at a time.Asanas with age and a couple of pranayamas, as per the need, can get better results in a short time by practicing currency.One should rest in the barn as needed after a seat or currency practice.After some exercise in empty hands for 5/5 minutes, you can get results very quickly if you sit or posture.But there should be no yoga exercises without any rest after any laborious work or exercise.  It should be rested once a week.

It is not advisable to perform any posture by force or shaking during the sitting practice. To avoid any distortion in the face of the seat care must be taken.

Breathing must be controlled according to the rules during the practice of sitting, breathing will be normal.But in the coin or pranayama.
Seating practice have to done on blankets, pads or thin linen.You must avoid practicing on hard soil or on the floor.This causes injury to the body at any time.

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